The startup that’s not a startup

Here are our 3 not-so-secret ingredients:

1. There are no shortcuts to experience

Our business was born from nearly two decades delivering innovative solutions for large retailers, distributors and manufacturers. We have built successful established businesses, walking side-by-side with our customers in large scale, transformative projects which required deep understanding of all the business processes and the technology. We know all the business technology like the back of our hands – ERP, eCommerce, POS, WMS, OMS – we love nothing more than a good acronym.

What we have learnt along the way:
  • Fancy technology is no good without a purpose – your tech needs to support your business
  • Understanding business process is vital – and it’s what makes us special
  • Data is REALLY REALLY important – products, customer information and financials need to be accurate, up-to-date and everywhere you need it, right away
  • Connection is everything – complexity causes silos in technology and business – it’s a bad look
  • Things need to be simple, and not too expensive – speaks for itself really

You might say that we are an overnight success… years in the making.

2. We are global citizens

We admit it, we love to see the world. We’ve worked on most continents, and rolled out solutions everywhere. Whether it’s in the cool Nordics, corporate USA, ambitious Asia, or laid back Australia, we know that every region and country has it’s own language, laws, tax rules, business practices, and just different ways of doing things.

We have run businesses in all major commercial regions, rolled out global solutions for major organisations, and had some really good dinners out.

3. Without fun what is the point?

This one is important. We LOVE what we do. We love our people, we love our customers, and we love doing smart stuff. We are brave, we are ambitious and we never, ever stop.

A few of our trailblazers
Where they lead, we will follow.

In no particular order…

We love to meet new people

And hear what’s on your mind

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