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AgilyCom is a full serverless cloud-native application built using the AWS stack, meaning that our integrations are high performing and almost infinitely scalable.
Utilising pre-built templates, AgilyCom provides an ‘integration highway’ between applications ensuring seamless and accurate flow of data across all systems.
We take away the pain of point-to-point integration.

Handpick best-of-breed technologies at will

Serverless application built on AWS infrastructure

AgilyCom is headless and 100% serverless. This means it scales automatically, has low latency and it’s more resilient, using an API-first approach.

Guaranteed delivery of your data

Built with adaptive core-light architecture, AgilyCom utilizes loosely coupled microservices. This integration pattern guarantees the delivery of your data.

Rapid ‘anything-to-anything’ integration

Our pre-built connectors give the freedom to easily plug technology in and out, so you aren’t locked in to particular platforms.

Ongoing monitoring and management

We provide a fully managed integration service, including hosting, monitoring, upgrades and support so you don’t have to resource or become the integration experts.

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Choose the freedom of limitless commerce

  • Rely on a seamless flow of accurate data across every one of your systems
  • Drive maximum value from your high-investment systems like ERP, CRM and POS
  • Test, innovate and lead by quickly switching new capabilities in and out with ease.
  • Amplify the customer experience with a simplified, connected approach.
  • Focus on your core business with a managed service that takes care of everything.
  • Scale, react and thrive by embracing the freedom of limitless commerce

Be a hero with the higher ups

When it’s time to present a business case, AgilyCom sells itself.

What AgilyCom isn’t

Why that’s good

It’s not a Build-your-own integration
So it’s Low Risk
You don’t need to forecast future needs, you don’t need internal specialist capability, and you can relax about ongoing support and maintenance
It’s not iPaaS (Integration-as -a Platform Service)
That mean’s its Less Expensive
Costs are lower, no specialist resources, and you don’t have to pay for ongoing support and maintenance
It’s not a built-in service delivered by your enterprise system
You will get Unlimited Scalability
You’ll get unlimited connectors, you won’t be “locked” into a product, and it will work in complex ecosystems

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